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Subject    Mock-exam Questions & Answers
Name   박종성 
충남대/ 고급영문읽기/ 박종성 교수/ Mock-exam Questions/ 2012.04.10  
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Interpret the following passages. You can (1) describe the situation, or/and (2) construct the implied meaning, or/and (3) evaluate the significance in connection with the theme of the story.

1. Senora Ines, motionless, stood there with her hand outstretched. As if she didn't dare draw it back. As if the slightest change might shatter an infinitely delicate balance. -  Liliana Heker, "The Stolen Party"

2. Framton shivered slightly and turned towards the niece with a look intended to convey sympathetic comprehension. The child was staring out through the open window with a dazed horror in her eyes. In a chill shock of nameless fear Framton swung round in his seat and looked in the same direction. - Saki, "The Open Window"

3. "She wanted to warm herself," the people said. No one imagined what beautiful things she had seen, and how happily she had gone with her old grandmother into the bright New Year. - Hans Christian Andersen, "The Little Match Girl"

4. He hesitated slightly before inquiring, " Have you not...I mean, did you get married"
    In the tone of someone intent on cutting short a conversation, she said "I told you, I am fine." - Naguib Mahfouz, "The Answer Is No"

5.  For a long time Tolowim-Woman remembered to keep her hands in the girdle and her eyes on the pathless way underfoot. But then a butterfly, all black, larger even than Butterfly Man had been, and shining as the crow, hovered before her. He hovered just  above her breasts in the line of her downcast eyes and settled for a long moment on her lips. Then he flew slowly away. She gasped with the excitement of his beauty. Her eyes followed his flight and she took one hand off the girdle and reached greedily for him.
  He was gone. - Maidu Indians, "Butterfly Man"

6. Compare this poem with "The Little Match Girl." You can (1) draw similarities, (2) the key issues raised by authors.
When my mother died I was very young,
And my Father sold me while yet my tongue
Could scarcely cry "'weep! 'weep! 'weep!"
So your chimneys I sweep, and in soot I sleep.
- "The Chimney Sweeper" By William Blake (1757-1827)    

She was getting colder and colder, but did not dare to go home, for she had sold no matches, nor earned a single cent, and her father would surely beat her. Besides, it was cold at home, for they had nothing over them but a roof through which the wind whistled even though the biggest cracks had been stuffed with straw and rags. - "The Little Match Girl."

7. My dear ladies and gentlemen, I got caught; or, to state it more fully:  yesterday I was respected and honored on all sides. Today I am a scoundrel and a thief ... Cry out, now, inveigh against me, spread the news, judge and wonder; banish me, write editorials and throw stones, only, please ― not everyone, not everyone!

Some Tips for Topics for Discussion

Topics for Discussion in "The Stolen Party"
Question 1. Who "Stole" the party and in what ways?
--> In one sense, Rosaura has no business going to this party with the rich children. After all, she's not a real friend of Luciana's but rather the maid's daughter. In another sense, Rosaura "steals" the party because she's so popular with the children and the magician.

Topics for Discussion in "The Answer Is No"
Question 9. The main character is not given a name. Explain why.
--> The main reason is that the character is universal. In other words, this is an "everywoman" kind of story. The tutor's last name, Badawi, is the Arabic word for bedouin(A Bedouin is a member of a particular Arab tribe).

Topics for Discussion in "The Little Match Girl"
Question 5. Why did the little girl resort to(depend on) illusion or fantasy?
-->  In the little flames she sees glorious sights such as a warm iron stove with brass knobs, a table full of food, a Christmas tree with bright lights, and finally her dead grandmother. Fantasy cushions(absorbs) misery.
  The author explores alternative realities and expand our mental horizon beyond the physical, actual world - toward the worlds of dreams, phantasms, fantasy, possibilities, and counterfactualty.

Topics for Discussion in "The Open Window"
Question 5. Analyze characters such as Vera, Mr. Fromton Nuttel, and Mrs Sappleton.
-->  Mr. Fromton Nuttel is nervous and panic-stricken. Also he is gullible and witless(dull). That is why he takes Vera's story at face value. This story is a product of Vera's fantasy.
  Mr. Fromton Nuttel and Vera are opposites. He is unimaginative and nervous as Vera is imaginative and composed.

Topics for Discussion in "Butterfly Man"
Question 9. This story told by the Maidu Indians deals with the imaginary Tolowim tribe outside the Maidu world. Explain why.
-->  It could be difficult for the Maidu Indians to accept one of their own members could act in such a way. By making the characters outsiders, the Maidus could examine them more objectively and find relevance to their own lives. A story about members from another tribe (or another country) is also more exotic.

Topics for Discussion in "The Confession"
Question 2. What does Kuzmich confess to the public from jail? What does Chekhov intend to expose and mock in this story?
--> Kuzmich makes a clean breast of his inner feelings, that is, "I am not the only one to blame." He was naive enough to believe that his friends and peers respect and honor him due to his generosity. Also, deceitful people was whispering behind his back that he has stolen the money. Being parasites, they are to blame for being unethical. The reader may feel pity and sympathy for this poor man. Chekhov ridicules human beings for their vanity and conceit.
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